Is Diaper safe for a baby skin?

In old days cloth nappies had been a problem for new parents. Diapers are a disposable nappies with more benefits for babies and parents in a long-term. With the discovery of diaper somewhere in between the world-war –II, diaper has become a boon for parents. The material used in diapers has been modernized with time. Diapers of present day uses polycarbonate, polythene, composite fiber and petroleum.

Babies have really soft skin. As the baby is never in contact with substance like: sunlight, any kind of friction in the womb, they tend to have a really sensitive skin. Even after being born a baby’s skin is sensitive. The debate as to how safe is diaper for the sensitive skin of a child has been going for a long time. The fact that babies’ skin is so sensitive makes every object a skin damaging agent.

Diaper is not really harmful for the skin of a baby. It’s just the over use of diaper that makes the skin of baby allergic towards it. Diapers, when used correctly is safe or even beneficial for a baby’s skin. Using correct diaper for the correct time is very important. Special overnight diaper is to be used for night where as a light cotton diaper will do for day time.

There always is the argument about the benefit and drawback of Diaper. The benefits of diapers are:

  • Diapers are easy to use and consumes less time than cloth.
  • Hypoallergenic diapers can always be an option for preventing common irritation.
  • Diapers are compact and really easy to carry around.

Some people argue that diaper may not be a greener choice. In long term diaper is believed to be expensive. But if we look closely the cloth napkin are not so green and more expensive. The fertilizers used for cottons to make cloth nappies are not good for the environment. Cotton fertilizer emit greenhouse gas hampering the environment. Cotton fertilizer are the major emitter of greenhouse gas.

Also, the daily washing of cotton cloth diapers wastes more water which is not so green in a long term. Whereas the disposable diaper does not require water making it a greener choice.

Most of the diaper company have now upgraded to a more environment friendly process. The industries are getting wood from a certified and managed forest. According to the Washington Post “Companies have dramatically reduced the quantity of petroleum products and pine-pulp “fluff” in disposable diapers, cutting the use of forest products and landfill volume.”

The fact that people consider disposable diaper to be bad for skin or the environment is just a myth. The sensitive skin of a baby is even harmed by touch in some cases. Depending upon the skin of a child different type and brand of diaper suits their skin. If a child has allergy with diaper it is not the harsh nature of the diaper but maybe because of the over sensitivity of your child. Choosing suitable diaper for the skin of your baby may be the solution rather than blaming all the disposable diapers.