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  1. COPD Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease also known as COPD is a blanket term used to describe a disease that causes difficulty in breathing. The disease is mainly of two forms: chronic bronchitis and emphysema. This disease might also include asthma and various forms of bronchiectasis. Breathlessness is the major character of this disease.

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  2. Get Healthy skin easily at home

    Get Healthy skin easily at home

    Skin is the protective shield of human body. It is much more than just the outer surface for other people to see. It protects the body from infection (bacteria), ultraviolet rays, dirt and other foreign objects. Skin also converts sunlight into vitamin D which helps in normal growth and development of bones. Skin is also the sensory organ that covers the largest area in a human body from head to toe. It contains nerves that let you know if an object is too hot or too cold.

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  3. Tips for Healthy Hair

    Healthy Hair for Healthy Life

    “Hair is not just a part of human body, but is a statement of style and an affirmation of beauty and elegance.”

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  4. Diapers: The Modern Gene

    Is Diaper safe for a baby skin?

    In old days cloth nappies had been a problem for new parents. Diapers are a disposable nappies with more benefits for babies and parents in a long-term. With the discovery of diaper somewhere in between the world-war –II, diaper has become a boon for parents. The material used in diapers has been modernized with time. Diapers of present day uses polycarbonate, polythene, composite fiber and petroleum.

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  5. Swine Flu: Symptoms and Prevention

    How aware are you about “Swine Flu”?

         The genetic researches of influenza virus have shown that pandemic H1N1 virus popularly known as “Swine Flu”  is originated from animal influenza viruses. It is a contagious flu as it can be transmitted through droplets of sneezes or cough and through human contact of hands, eyes, nose or mouth of the contaminated person. The virus is similar to seasonal flu but seems to be irrelevant with seasonal influenza virus because antibodies used to cure seasonal influenza virus does not protect against the pandemic H1N1 virus. Person having weak immune system, children under 5 years old, 65 years or older people, pregnant women, patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetic patient are at higher risk to get infected. The symptoms of infection can be severe illness resulting in viral pneumonia, lung infection and shortness of breath.

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